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Focus Areas: Real Estate


Real Estate Attorney

Will Rogers once told his audience to buy land because “they’re not making any more of it.” He wasn’t kidding. As time has progressed, growth pressures on land have increased demands on local governments to provide adequate housing, commercial areas, and parks and recreation areas. Unsurprisingly, this leads to conflict among governments, property owners and those affected by land use decisions.

Our attorneys use extensive experience in real estate and land use regulation to help parties affected by land use planning and decision making to work out a solution that accommodates the need for growth. Sometimes, conflict is inevitable. When that happens, parties involved in the process need people experienced in handling the issue who are able to deal with everything from application to litigation.

If you're ready to contact Mark Hazelbaker for advice on real estate law or land use decisions, please contact me at 608-662-2300 or .

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