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Focus Areas: Business


Small Business Attorney

Most people want to start a business to serve customers and earn a living. Nobody does it for the purpose of throwing themselves into a bramble of regulations and obstructions. And yet, every business starting up has to do exactly that.

Mark has the small business legal experience to help others get their foot on the rung of the ladder of opportunity. Our attorneys pride ourselves on providing assistance to start up small businesses to help them through the regulatory maze involved in starting a business.

Our attorneys pride ourselves on giving small business assistance in starting up, including a willingness to answer all questions that come up frequently during the start up process without charging our clients. We believe it is our responsibility to help others grow their businesses.

Whether it’s incorporating, creating an LLC, doing a merger, helping you with a regulatory issue, or financing, Mark Hazelbaker can provide you with the guidance you need at a price you can afford.


Employment Legal Issues:

Employers and employees today are governed by rules that are both complex and demanding. Anti-discrimination, family leave, wage and hour, and other employment regulations are designed to assure that employers and employees have a fair and reasonable relationship. Employers need guidance in assuring that they have complied with the law and helping them find a way to do so. Employees need assistance when their employers overlook or ignore requirements of the law, assistance which assures that they are treated fairly.

Mark Hazelbaker emphasizes a desire to reinforce a positive working relationship in which the dignity of work is respected by employers and the employees are not cheated out of the rewards of their labors. Our goal is to make sure that everyone is treated appropriately under the law in the context of a positive and healthy employment relationship.

If you're ready to start a conversation with an attorney regarding business laws and how they apply to your company, contact us today to get in touch with a business attorney who can help your business.

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