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Focus Areas

  • Municipal Attorneys
    • Cities, villages and towns need guidance dealing with the complex legal world of land use, employment and economic development. We offer legal experience in the broad range of municipal issues including land use, alcohol licensing, economic development, financing, personnel management, advocacy before the Public Service Commission.
  • Real Estate Attorneys
    • Growth pressures on land have increased demands on local governments to provide adequate housing, commercial areas, and parks and recreation areas. Unsurprisingly, this leads to conflict among governments, property owners and those affected by land use decisions. We use our extensive experience in real estate law and land use law regulation to help parties affected by land use planning and decision making to work out a solution that accommodates the need for growth in a manner which is respectful of the community and the vicinity.
  • Small Business Attorneys
    • As successful small businesspeople ourselves, our attorneys help others get their foot on the rung of the ladder of opportunity. Whether it’s incorporating a business, creating an LLC, doing a merger, helping you with a regulatory issue, employment or financing, our small business attorneys are in a position to provide you with the guidance you need at a price you can afford.
  • Litigation
    • Our attorneys  pride themselves on attempting every possible means of resolving matters before getting into litigation. However, when all other efforts to resolve a dispute have failed, our society does use litigation to resolve legal disputes. Our attorneys experience includes thousands of court cases and numerous jury trials, appellate advocacy, all the way to the United States Supreme Court, and analysis of potential claims.When you need a litigation attorney at your side, Hazelbaker and Associates attorneys are the ones you want at your side.
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