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About Me

Mark Hazelbaker has been a lawyer since 1983, working to meet the needs of all small businesses and small communities. Everybody wants to represent the big guys, yet one third of the people of Wisconsin live in small towns, towns of 5000 people or less. Their needs are just as real as those of others. Unfortunately, paying $450 an hour for legal services and having to use the appropriate specialists of 20-200 attorneys can get to be a very expensive proposition. For many law firms, it leads to the choice to have no lawyer at all, and that, we have learned, leads to trouble.

Many times, we help a clients deal with problems that resulted from proceeding without legal advice. When our clients have seen that advice and expertise makes a difference in making things operate smoothly, they tend to invite us back for further services.

We deliver excellent legal work, of the caliber you’d expect from attorneys with our level of experience and background. But, we do it in a fashion that makes it possible to deliver economical, excellent results for our clients. We’re proud of the work we do and look forward to the chance to work for you.

My Philosophy

We keep a simple outlook on a complex task: we do all the law can to make hard things easy and bad things better.

We lend our knowledge of the law, experience in business and government, and ability to present a position effectively on behalf of our clients.

We translate the intricacies of the law into understandable terms.

We lead our clients through difficult times in their life, providing them with not only the legal analysis, but the personal support it takes to come through these difficult passages.

Our nation and our state are composed of a wondrous diversity of peoples, cultures, and ideas.  As society has become more complex, so too has the law. More and more, people need lawyers to negotiate many paths and parts of life.

Our philosophy is straightforward – we help people. We resolve always to do the necessary to add value to the situation we find. Sometimes, that consists of lending business and legal advice to make a transaction come out better for our client. Sometimes, it consists of helping a person being sued for money damages get the best possible result under the facts.

In all of these, we are guided by our sense of integrity, the Code of Professional Responsibility and, above all, a passionate devotion to the client. We do for our clients what we would do ourselves if it were us facing the same circumstances, but using our sophistication as attorneys to set the appropriate direction. When you need a friend, when you need an advisor, when you need an advocate, we’re here. You can count on us.

Representative clients:

Dane County Towns Association
Marshall Area EMS District
Price County
Town of Bristol
Town of Springfield
Town of Windsor
Town of Middleton
Town of Sun Prairie
Town of Brooklyn, Green Lake County
City of Phillips
Hundreds of individuals
Town of Brighton
Town of New Glarus

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